"The trainer did an excellent job in the delivery of all the information and sharing his experience in different fields help put perspective on a lot."

   - Municipal Fire Chief
"This training expertly outlined the roles and responsibilities and is essential in promoting the Internal Responsibility System that every organization should foster for the safety of its workers."

   - Health & Safety Officer
"A very intense day of training. I can't imagine how other companies claim they can cover all of this material in 4 hours! I wonder what they leave out?"

   - President
"I've taken a LOT of training in my 25+ year career. This Supervisor Course was easily the best!"

   - Eastern Ontario Regional Director

"HASCO delivered quality training. I have learned a great deal today and I'm sure there is more that I will need to learn in the months ahead. I'm going to contact you for a quote for some other training soon"

   - Corporate Vice President

"Informative course and concise material.!"

   - Manufacturing Supervisor
"I've taken two other Supervisor courses before and NOTHING comes close to touching the HASCO program!"

   - Director of Health & Safety at major manufacturer
"I am a critical and often skeptical individual, but the instructor overcame this and more. He was flexible, very informative, comfortable with the material and able to apply it to real-life situations. This course was really exceptional and I would highly recommend it"

   - CEO
"The trainer was great!!! He made dry material fun and interesting. This Supervisor class was a great refresher for me."

   - Corporate Director of Health & Safety

"I really enjoyed this Supervisor course and learned some things I had NO idea I was responsible for!"

   - Manufacturing Supervisor

"The trainer is very dynamic and frequently used his previous work and professional experiences to illustrate the course material"

   - Municipal Supervisor

"Instructor had a very quick wit."

   - Municipal worker
"This Supervisor training should be taken by all of our staff who oversee the work of other employees, including the General Manager and those who supervise students for only a portion of the year."

   - Health & Safety Officer
"I'm presenting this Supervisor training course to the other members on our Provincial Association's board at our general meeting this month...along with my recommendation that all of our members take it."

   - Provincial Association Board Member
"Extremely useful course!! Very informative. I learned a lot today and feel this will be very helpful with respect to our policies and practises in the workplace."

   - CEO of Library Board
"The trainer was really good...not at all boring, like I was expecting. I really appreciated his anecdotes from real-life situations. They really brought the material to life and made the course enjoyable for me, which made learning easier too."
- Vice President of Manufacturing
"I was honestly impressed with the presentation, on a topic I thought would be a long, unbearable course. Very entertaining and well done!"

   - Home Improvement Supervisor

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Over 90% of the people who have taken a HASCO Health & Safety Canada training course would recommend HASCO training to others!

That statistic alone should tell you almost everything you need to know about the quality of HASCO Health & Safety training courses, the professional, engaging nature of our trainers and the calibre of our occupational health & safety consulting services.

At HASCO our mission is to work with our Canadian clients and partners to create the safest working environment possible, to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety laws, and to help our customers reduce the costs associated with having injured or sick workers, including fines, civil suits and possible criminal prosecution.

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